Separate Baptist Church Planting Conference
Pastor Joe Esposito and the Pacific Baptist Church of Long Beach, CA hosted the 2013 Separate Baptist Church Planting Conference February 25-28, 2013. See details here.
Baptist History Tour
Evangelist Ted Alexander hosted a spring tour of pivitol Baptist history sites. The tour left from Cozaddale Baptist Termple, Goshen, Ohio Monday April 15, 2013.
Couples Tour
Contact Evangelist Ted Alexander for the fall couples tour. Oct. 22-24, 2013.
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What is the Multiplying Model?

When James Beller released his book, America in Crimson Red, new interest was stirred concerningMultiplying Model the church planting model of the separate Baptists of the South. The model was used at the Arnold Baptist Tabernacle in Arnold, Missouri to assist in the planting of five independentBaptist churches. Since then, this method of church planting has been used in many places in America. The nuts and bolts of how it works can be found on this site and in greater detail in the book Multiplying Model, available from Prairie Fire Press.

What it is.

The Multiplying Model advocates:
1. Pastor-initiated church planting.
2. Churches literally planting a new church.
3. The established pastor finding a man for the new work while he is in the process of planting and pastoring the new work himself.
4. A pastor and his established church coming alongside a planter of a new work.
5. The evangelist, pastor and new church planter working together for greater success.