Separate Baptist Church Planting Conference
Pastor Joe Esposito and the Pacific Baptist Church of Long Beach, CA hosted the 2013 Separate Baptist Church Planting Conference February 25-28, 2013. See details here.
Baptist History Tour
Evangelist Ted Alexander hosted a spring tour of pivitol Baptist history sites. The tour left from Cozaddale Baptist Termple, Goshen, Ohio Monday April 15, 2013.
Couples Tour
Contact Evangelist Ted Alexander for the fall couples tour. Oct. 22-24, 2013.
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A Principled Church is a Relevant Church

I contend that Bible principles make you relevant.

  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ is relevant without the aid of culture or innovation. Swirling colors in high definition wouldn't make the Gospel any more relevant than if it were presented on a white page in black ink.
  • A large culturally acceptable church isn't any more relevant than a small church struggling for existence.
  • "Intelligent," self-absorbed, marketed attempts at Bible preaching are no more relevant than the halted, stilted, cadence of an old country preacher. In fact, the country preacher may very possibly more relevant.
  • Large crowds, big budgets and designer clothes don't mean you are more important than anyone else.
  • When you preach the Gospel and hold to scriptural standards, you actuate the empowerment of God and not man's wisdom.
  • Repentance, faith, scriptural baptism, local church ordination, the resurrection and eternal judgement are "first," and therefore foundational, fundamental principles. See Hebrews 5:12-Hebrews 6:2.
  • Glorifying God is more important than "your purpose."
  • God's Word should always be our only guide for culture and ministry.

--James Beller