Separate Baptist Church Planting Conference
Pastor Joe Esposito and the Pacific Baptist Church of Long Beach, CA hosted the 2013 Separate Baptist Church Planting Conference February 25-28, 2013. See details here.
Baptist History Tour
Evangelist Ted Alexander hosted a spring tour of pivitol Baptist history sites. The tour left from Cozaddale Baptist Termple, Goshen, Ohio Monday April 15, 2013.
Couples Tour
Contact Evangelist Ted Alexander for the fall couples tour. Oct. 22-24, 2013.
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The Most Important Dynamic--Sitting as a Church

The Sandy Creek Baptist Church, under the leadership of Shubal Stearns used the concept of sitting as a church to great advantage. According to Robert Devin, the author of the History of the Grassy Creek Baptist Church, Sandy Creek would birth a church in this manner: Members would journey to a needy area and sit as a church under the preaching of a man of God. They would sit to encourage the work; they would work to bring people to the services and they would win converts. When the proper time would come, a preacher would be ordained to pastor the new church. Then they would move on. This work went on continuously with several missions occurring simultaneously. Sitting as a church means simply: The members of an established church visit the services of a sprouting church and lend physical, mental and especially spiritual strength to the sprouting church.